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If you have replaced your vehicle's battery , or tried to repair the radio , or even add an accessory to your radio you may find that your radio has locked and will not operate without a special radio code.

At we can help you get your radio up and running again

to retrieve your car stereo radio unlock code, simply go to our retrieve code page, choose your vehicle and enter your radio or vehicles information!






Radio codes

For over five years radio has offered radio unlock code solutions,

We offer radio unlock codes for many vehicle manufacturers, such as Acura,  Mercedes, General Motors, Mitsubishi, BMW, Volkswagen, Kenwood, Volvo, Mercedes, Daewoo, Sabb, Land Rover, Toyota, and more!



Radio unlock codes entering guides

Do you already have your code for your radio?

Then visit our unlock manuals page for entering your security code.

Find the answers to many questions such as "I entered my radio code and now it will not respond".

"My radio displays error after entering my radio code" and many others.  



Get all the information you need for retreating and entering your car stereo radio unlock code.

Everything you need to know about unlocking your car radio is here at








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