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Porsche stereo code retrieval.



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Radio serial number is not required, however sending both vehicle VIN number and radio serial number may enhance the code retrieval process, due to the possibility of the event that the radio is not the original radio.



To access your radio serial#, some selected Porsche radios will have a "TP" button located on face of radio, if so:

  • Press the TP button for 5-10 seconds to access the main menu.

  • Turn the knob located on the right hand side of radio to scroll through the menu.

  • You will find a number that may start with a letter and 7 digits.

  • This will be your radio serial number.




You may remove the radio from the vehicle in order to retrieve your radio's serial number.


We do not support the removal of your audio system. However, if you require assistance, try the links below:


Radio removal guides


Mobile Information Labs.




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